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Wulf Utian is an acknowledged independent world expert in several aspects of women’s health and clinical research. He is also recognized to be a charismatic and remarkable speaker and educator for both professional and general audiences. Services offered include:


  • Pharmaceutical company consultations and Advisory  Boards for new drug development
  • Research site selection; also placement of studies at Rapid Medical Research (RMR) in Cleveland, and its affiliates
  • Preparation and/or review of research protocols for FDA pivotal new drug studies at Phase II and Phase III level
  • Innovations in women’s health care including drugs, devices, and clinical programs


  • As previous director of OB/GYN at major medical centers and Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Biology, Dr. Utian is able to offer sound advice on establishment, conduct, and efficiency enhancement of clinical services
  • Establishment and conduct of Menopause Clinics

LECTURES AND TEACHING Wulf Utian is a widely sought after popular lecturer and teacher to both professional and general audiences. He has lectured in over 50 countries and multiple academic medical centers. Popular topics include:

  • All aspects of Menopause
  • Is it menopause or is it aging?
  • Contemporary menopause management.
  • The current role of hormone replacement therapy (Dr. Utian is Chairman of the North American Menopause Society Committee that establishes national standards of care)
  • Quality of life after menopause – what is it and how do you enhance it?
  • Osteoporosis – the silent disease and how to avoid it
  • Cancer and hormones
  • The alternates for menopause symptoms

PUBLISHING – UTIAN PRESS WULF H UTIAN LLC will be actively publishing books under the imprint UTIAN PRESS on the following: Women’s Health Management Techniques Self-Help MEDIA Wulf Utian is regularly interviewed by the world’s media on menopause, hormone therapies, women’s health, and quality of life. This includes newspapers like The New York Time, The Wall Street Journal; TV from Oprah Winfrey to Good morning America; magazines from Time and Newsweek to More and Vogue; and radio from National Public Radio to the BBC. He is respected for his strict adherence to the facts and freedom from commercial bias. Wulf Utian is always available to the media for the following:

  • Interpretation of late breaking research and medical publication
  • Assistance in program content development
  • Reviewing content for factuality
  • Interviews on radio, TV, internet or print media
  • Debating alternate points of view
  • Documentary development

VENTURE CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL CONSULTATION Wulf Utian works with recognized national and international investment banks and venture capital funds focusing on:

  • New product review
  • Market opportunities
  • Estimation of pathway and timeline to FDA approval
  • Planning and process of research leading to drug approval