CHANGE YOUR MENOPAUSE -Why one size does not fit all!  UTIAN PRESS announces its  newest title, available after September 3, 2011 from,, and other online booksellers.

Often referred to as the “godfather of menopause”, Wulf Utian, a reproductive endocrinologist and gynecologist, started the world’s first center dedicated to menopause research in Cape Town, South Africa, co-founded the International Menopause Society (IMS), and founded both The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies (CAMS), all multidisciplinary scientific organizations.

He is Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Biology and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. As a practicing physician with over 40 years experience, he worked with thousands of women to help them enhance their quality of life. As an active clinical scientist he has published hundreds of research papers and commentaries. He has been a lecturer and teacher worldwide, and is sought after by the international media, academic centers, and the pharmaceutical industry, for authoritative opinion.

Now he draws on that considerable scientific knowledge and vast clinical experience to provide the real facts about menopause and how it represents the ideal opportunity to take control and enhance the quality of the second half of life. Explaining why “one size does not fit all,” he presents a comprehensive and scientifically substantiated overview of body changes with menopause, where things can go wrong, how to diagnose, and all the options for prevention and treatment of problems. The hormone dilemma is clarified. Finally, he presents an overall philosophy on how to use menopause as a catalyst for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Also available as ebook and paperback, THE UTIAN STRATEGY –  IS THIS MY PROBLEM OR IS THIS YOUR PROBLEM?   Wulf Utian

The Utian Strategy by Dr. Wulf Utian

This self-help problem recognition and management book aptly sub-titled “How to recognize and resolve potential problems or interpersonal conflicts at home or at work, ascribe ownership, and even convert problems into personal advantage” is based on the author’s personal life experiences at home, around the world, and at work in his directing and managing academic departments, clinical research centers, medical practices, and non-profit scientific organizations. Through a series of vignettes, many autobiographical, Utian explains a philosophy of nipping potential or real problems in the bud by ascribing ownership, and then either resolving the problem or directing the real owner of the problem onto the path of resolution.

This isan engaging, warm, profound, and ultimately extremely valuable resource on problem resolution and conflict management.

The book is available through most major on-line book sellers including, Barnes and Noble online, amongst others.